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This story isn't like most stories you'll read on an "Our Story" page. There's no great challenge that we had to overcome and we're not on an ultimate quest to change the world. Our mission is simple: distribute responsibly sourced, great-tasting tea at reasonable prices.

It was tempting to come up with an exciting origin story about how we drank tea produced from a radioactive tea shrub and gained the ability to produce mega tea that helps you digest food and simultaneously grow stronger hair. Unfortunately, while we may have an excellent selection of teas, we as individuals are extraordinarily average. 

Nowadays, it seems almost every company out there has no issue inflating the significance of their purpose, and at times it feels only natural that we do the same, however, that's not us. If we absolutely had to give Cha Temple an over-the-top mission to "inspire loyalty" from customers and to "maximize conversions" we would say, "Tea is one of the few things that every culture shares and has historically been a symbol that represents tranquility and balance. Temples have been known to be havens for individuals that wish to practice discipline and sustainability. Cha Temple is the manifestation of those ideas and challenges each and every one of us to make better choices for our environment and strive to be productive, well-adjusted individuals." We could also throw in the word "synergy" somewhere in there to really sell it.

While there is truth in that mission statement, the point is: we aren't a big corporation and we aren't world class philanthropists preaching about changing the world. We sell the tea we like and provide real service. What is real service? Our support phone and email is connected to a real person that actually has the authority to resolve any issue you may have. If we miss your call, please leave a message. We will get back to you. We hope that this level of commitment and candidness accurately portrays the type of people we are and what we're about.