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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

One of the keys to enjoying the perfect cup of tea comes down to how you brew it. When you brew the tea correctly, you get the optimum smoothness, flavor, and aroma. We’ve gone ahead and put together a few tips to brew a simple and effective cup of tea, but if you're looking for the shorthand version for our teas, we got you! Check out the table below:


Qilan Wuyi Oolong
5–8 min
Tieguanyin Green Oolong
4–8 min
Thyme Leaf Tea
4–10 min
Chaga Mushroom Tea
4–10 min
Turmeric Ginger Tea
4–10 min
Burdock Root Tea
4–10 min


Note: You'll notice that we provided ranges. That's because the "perfect cup of tea" is a tea that has been adjusted to your tastes. You're the captain of this ship! We hope that our guide gives you an idea of how you want to experiment with your brew.

Step 1: The water

Try to use fresh or filtered water—tap water will work too if that is all you have on hand. We recommend filtered water because herbal teas are known for their subtle undertones of flavor, and using unfiltered water can affect those flavors.

Step 2: Water temperature

Heat the water until the water temperature up to the desired setting. Different types of tea will taste best when steeped in specific temperatures of water. Ideally, you should use an electric kettle that has temperature settings, but if you don’t have one, you can use a traditional cooking thermometer instead. Usually, this temperature is below boiling.

Step 3: The cup

Porcelain cups are typically the best for tea, but glass cups will work as well. Try to avoid using a plastic cup because plastic causes the tannins in the tea to stick to the sides of the cup. Also, try and avoid using metal cups because it will cause your tea to have a metallic taste.

Step 3: Pour the water and wait patiently

Once you have confirmed that the water temperature is appropriate for the tea you’re brewing, it's time to pour the hot water over the tea bag. We recommend 1 cup of water (8 oz) for a single tea bag and waiting for 4 minutes. 5 minutes or more if you want a stronger taste.

Step 4: Customize your brew

Everyone likes their tea a little differently, some like it straight, others like it with a few additions. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding milk, honey, sugar, lemon, or whatever else you may desire. Remember, there's no wrong way to have your tea. Ultimately, it's entirely up to you.

Step 5: Protect your tea

You should try to store your tea in a cool and dry place, away from light; also make sure it is in an air-tight container. Light and humidity exposure can affect how your tea tastes over time. That is why all of our products come in sealed packages.

Step 6: Sit back and relax

It’s now time to enjoy your tea. Sit back, relax, share it with friends or drink alone and enjoy the "me" time!

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