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Discover 5 Amazing Benefits of Oolong Tea You Didn’t Know


We all know black tea and green tea. They’re among the most common teas you’ll find, but have you heard of Oolong tea? If you haven’t, then it's definitely worth checking out, given its impressive stress reduction and health-boosting benefits.

What Is Oolong Tea 

Oolong comes from the leaves and buds of Camellia Sinensis plant, it is slightly oxidized and fermented, giving it a taste that falls somewhere between green tea and black tea.

Why Oolong

The health benefits of Oolong are far and wide, and a cup of tea a day can go a long way.  Here are the top health-related benefits of drinking oolong tea.

The 5 Benefits for Drinking Oolong Tea

It can help boost metabolism

Oolong tea has been shown to raise your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it. By raising your metabolism it will help to burn fat faster and help to increase weight-loss. If this is what you’re after, we recommend that you drink your oolong tea with no sweetener or only a very slight sweetener such as honey. 

It can help the body manage stress

Oolong contains l-theanine, an amino acid that is associated with sleep relaxation. Research shows that it can be associated with a relaxed and focused mind. A less stressed body is a better feeling body!

It can help to increase mental alertness

Oolong tea contains some caffeine in it, though nowhere near as much as a full cup of coffee. For those looking for a little extra boost to their day and increased mental alertness.

It may be good for brain health

Oolong tea has the potential to prevent cognitive diseases. Scientists have concluded that it could help prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s because of the high content of EGCCs and l-theanine.

It may help to lower cholesterol

Oolong is semi-oxidized which means that it contains polyphenol. This has been shown to have the potential to reduce cholesterol levels and promote a healthy heart.

Overall, Oolong tea is an amazing tea that has a myriad of health benefits. This is a tea you should definitely consider adding to your daily regimen. It also tastes heavenly!

Our Recommendation:

We recommend consuming one cup of oolong tea per day for the best effect. If you are sensitive to caffeine we recommend that you try drinking a lower amount, or decaf steeping your tea.

(Link to Page for Decaf Steep)

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